Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meaning of My Blog Name

My name, Kirikaze Kylini is kinda strange so I thought that people would like to know the meaning behind it.

This part of my name came from a manga charater that i had hear about. I like the name so I began to find out more about it.
Meaning: Misty Wind
Origin: Japanese
 Kanji: 霧(Kiri;Misty)風(Kaze;Wind)

This part of my name was given to me for a star wars podcast that no longer exists...I liked it so I reused it.

Nothing much else to it

-Kirikaze Kylini

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have not been posting lately....Very sorry....I really doubt that I will every complete the posts from my mission trip....i was so tired after that trip and I have barely recovered from it yet......Will try to post other stuff though....please comment.....


Thursday, October 17, 2013


So for not posing about my trip been busy with school and recovering hoping to pos ton the weekend

Saturday, October 12, 2013

First Hong Kong Service

Hi all

Note: hello I will be posting a incomplete post for bow due certain events. I will be posting about what ever happen on this trip. The rest when I arrive home. I promise to complete all of it within 2 days of arrivibg

Sorry for not posting a lot. Most likely I will be doing a post about October 2-5 later. Right now I am going to cover the service. The link below is the version recorded by my dad. Just note the video and sound quality is horrible and i don't know when the service starts because the video is 3 hours long.

Recording of the First Hong Kong Service

For me I was never in that hall the entire time I was at Munsang.

My family and I first arrived at around 10am to Munsang to help set up. The first place we went to was the Indoor Playground. During the week this has been the place that we did the most activities. In the Indoor playground all the volunteer sorted the toys, supplies, and candy in that room. This was going to be the room where the children aged 6-12 will and was doing most of the main activities. We started to take out all of the supplies from the place they were stored to set up the classrooms. There were 5 different age groups. The first one, 0-2 years old was on the first floor. The 3-5 were the second floor and the 6-7,8-10,11-12 classes were on the third floor. We set up two rooms for 3-5 because we expected all of kids in that age group.

We finished all of the setting up rather early. It was okay for me during the set up. I did not really like the fact that me and another volunteer had to run back and forth from the storage which was on the other side of Munsang Collage. It was really hot too.

At about 11:30 all the volunteers from all departments went up to the chapel, which was in another building. We met there together and prayed so that the service will happen with without to much trouble. Afterword everyone went back to their place they were setting up/working/helping. The children ministry workers went to what in the states Saddleback Church calls "Pregame" which is when the leaders get together to talk about the day's rundown, pray and eat. It was really funny when the people from the US saw what we had to eat for pregame. REALLY FANCY CAKE!!!!!!! My brother said that they people who brought them were spoiling us. We had lunch at around 12:30 and everyone came to eat. Finished eating at around 1:30pm. There were many leaders who helping out from other churches who arrived after we finished eating. Muar reassigned leaders to their room and gave final instructions. I was assigned to the 6-7 age group.

All of the leaders went to their rooms at around 2pm. About ten minutes later the kids started to arrive in a huge torrent. There were many kids that came. Our count of kids when we went to the Indoor Playground was 35 kids in the 6-7 group. In the Indoor Playground

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Change of Plan with Live Brodcasting

Hi all,

Currently really tired right now. There has been a change of Plan. The service will be brodcast live on YouTube. Link is down below. Just fyi there will be a one minute delay.

Link to Hong Kong First Service

Please spread the word as soon as possible.


Service being live brocasted


Sorry I haven't posted the last couple of days. I has been a busy last couple of days. First thing I need to do is to let you know that the first service of Hong Kong is going to be live broadcasted on some thing called zoom. I have been given permission to post the link on my blog. Note from my dad: If you get on Zoom, please mute all mics and turn off your video cam in order to save some internet bandwidth. We are expecting a lot of viewers.

Here's the scheduled meeting detail. It's going to start at 11.15pm PST on Saturday October

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device: 
    Please click this URL to start or join. 
    Or, go to and enter meeting ID: 316 185 119  
Join from dial-in phone line: 

    Call +1(424)203-8450 (US/Canada only). 
    For Global dial-in numbers: 
    Meeting ID: 316 185 119 
    Participant ID: Shown after joining the meeting
That should be all about the opening. I will not post until after the service so that this could be seen by all my viewers.

Bibi for now

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hong Kong Trip Update


Please only use my blog name when commenting. This is for safety reason thank 

The Kids
Now to business. Sorry about not posting for the last two days. I will try to make up for it. Two days ago, which was the 30th, my family and I went back to Munsang Collage to do some sort of promotional thing with the kindergarten classes there.  We thought it would be an half an hour class with at most 40 students. Instead it ended up being ten minutes on a stage with more than 400 kids. We ended up doing twice because there was a morning and afternoon school for the two groups of kindergarten kids. During both of them we danced and sang to the song "Father Abraham". For the afternoon session we were join by Pricilla and Juliette who were also the US and were helping out with the Children Ministry in Saddleback Hong Kong. Auntie Muar Muar(Pronounced "more") , who is the children director for Saddleback Hong Kong, also came.

After we finished the second session at the collage, all of us including Pricilla, Juliette and Auntie Muar Muar went back to the place we were staying. For the net few hours Pricilla, Juliette, My mom and Auntie Muar Muar talk about what was going to happen at the children ministry during the first official service for Saddleback Hong Kong. They talked and talked and talk for about four hours or more. Pricilla, Juliette and Auntie Muar Muar eft after that. My family and I were too tired to move after they left. We all napped for about half an hour then went out to Mac Donald to eat. Then we went back and slept. I had tried to blog that day but my brain was to foggy to do anything.